‘Nigel and his crew are absolutely fantastic and make you feel comfortable from the very first second. Really you absolutely have to experience this trip. It’s wonderful.’

‘I’ve been living here for five years and don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a great day. You’re really getting the feeling of being on holiday. It’s been absolutely amazing.’

‘It has been so nice, so very pleasant and will be hard to forget. I recommend everyone to enjoy this unforgettable experience. Thank you, for giving us this opportunity for such enjoyment.’

Melanie: ‘It was lovely. It was the most beautiful experience we’ve ever made. I would really recommend Nigel’

Bernd: ‘I would really recommend Nigel for any festivities whether its birthday or any other occasions. He really caters to all requests and everything turns out perfect.’

Amanda: ‘The weather, the food, the sea, the team, the crew, really great, excellent’

George: ‘It’s been a really great tour and being on board was loads of fun.’

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