This depends on your situation and your expectations. If you want the yacht exclusively for your own group there is no minimum number of guests but a maximum of 12 per boat; you can then book any of the 3-hour, 5-hour, or 6-hour private tours. If you’d prefer to join a shared tour then the 5 or 6-hour tours are right for you. If your group is larger than 12, we will have to provide an additional boat.

We have been sailing in the Cala d’Or area for the past 16 years and have a strong reputation for great service built over that time. We are confident and able sailors, our crew are experienced, friendly and service-oriented. They even wear uniforms! We have a small team of people behind the scenes including a chef, cleaners and engineers. Our aim is to make your trip as safe and memorable as possible so that one day you will want to return.

Bad Weather Guarantee: If we consider that present or same-day weather conditions are likely to affect your enjoyment of the tour, we will offer another date or a refund of your tour payment.

Shared Charter Guarantee: If you have booked and paid for your place on the boat and we do not reach our minimum number of guests (6), we will offer you the option of re-booking for another day, paying for the additional 2 places thus enjoying a virtually private charter, or a full refund of your payment.

Yes. There is an open bar on all of our tours. We want you to relax, unwind, and enjoy the local wines and beers in an ideal setting.

Although our own yachts can accommodate 14 people including crew, our partnerships around Mallorca allow us to handle special events and occasions for up to 200 people and even more.

We arrange many events for small and large groups requiring a venue for a wedding, corporate event or special celebration on land or sea. Sonia is our events organiser and she can help you arrange everything you need – just complete the form on the Custom Charter page or drop her a line and let her know what you have in mind.

We have organised many birthdays, weddings, anniversary parties, bachelor and hen parties, harbour receptions, ash-scatterings, private dinner parties and many marriage proposals. Some of the events we have arranged for clients have included decorating the ship, flowers, birthday cakes, celebration gifts, disco parties, musicians, singers, pirate days and team-challenges. We enjoy making parties and having fun, so please call us to discuss your ideas.

We are based in Cala d’Or and from experience, we can say for sure that it is easier, quicker and cheaper for you to come to us than for us to come to you. Plus, if you come to Cala d’Or, you get the chance to see a different part of the island. So, yes we can, but…

Sometimes it’s possible, it depends where you are, the weather and sea state. Bear in mind that it takes quite a time to prepare the tender boat, get to shore and bring you back at a maximum of 3 people in the tender at a time. For 12 people boarding, allow 30 minutes. It can be included in the time booked, which means less sailing time or charged as an extra service.

Easily! We can arrange a transfer by bus or taxi (approximately 80€ for the taxi each way), with one of our recommended providers or you can arrange it yourself. You can rent a car for the day (about 50-60€), or take a Public Service Bus Route 501 from Plaça d’Espanya in central Palma direct to Marina Cala d’Or. They leave every 2 hours, the journey takes 2 hours and costs about 9€ each way.

We keep a close eye on the weather and receive 7-day forecasts down to hourly for the next 48 hours. If we think the weather conditions will affect your sailing we will message you to prepare for a time or day change as soon as we know. Any concerns, then feel free to send us an email.

If the Captain considers the weather to be unsuitable for sailing we will try to offer you an alternative day. If that is not possible for either of us, we will refund what you’ve paid for the tour. We won’t refund transfer costs or extra services.

Mallorca has over 300 days of the year with some sunshine. The amount of sunshine increases the closer we get to July. On most of our sailing trips, we have enough wind to sail though it’s fair to say that May and June are our favourite months for sailing.

No need to be afraid of sea-sickness; of course it happens sometimes (we estimate 1 in 1 people are affected) depending on sea-state and weather conditions. Of course, we do everything we can to avoid the possibility of sea-sickness; if you have a tendency to get motion-sickness We are very sympathetic if you do feel queasy and have several remedies on board including tablets, wrist-bands and equalising sun-glasses. We will suggest you lie down or go for a swim at the earliest opportunity If you have any concerns about sea-sickness then ask for a pill when you come on board, we find they work really well if taken at least 20 minutes before sailing but do not work so well when you are already feeling sick. We recommend to buy your own the day before and take one in the morning when you awake and another 3 or 4 hours later when you get on the boat, then perhaps another one 3 or 4 hours into the trip. They work well for most people that take them early enough. Our experience is that homeopathic tablets are ineffective and elastic wristbands get wet and stretch.

Our best advice is to take a pill before you come, have a small breakfast and relax when we are sailing and swim as much as possible.

The theory behind the cause of sea-sickness is that the fluid in the ears is moving at a different rhythm to what the eyes can see. The conflicting messages received by the brain cause it to believe the body has consumed something that is toxic; the brain instinctively wants the ‘toxic’ material to be removed so it will induce vomiting.

We have an effective solution available, Boarding Glasses

The solution is a pair of ‘Boarding Glasses’ that have circular tubes at the side and in front of the eyes that synchronise the movement registered in the brain. Usually, the symptoms of sea-sickness are relieved within a few minutes. We stock and sell these glasses at the manufacturer’s online price of 90€ per pair. Please order via our online booking system.

The various natural remedies are electronic wristbands; equalising sunglasses; ginger sweets; homoeopathic tablets (they don’t work), fixing your gaze on the nearest point of land; lie down on your back in a comfortable shaded position, close your eyes and relax. Go for a swim.

If you are feeling sea-sick then get yourself to the lower side of the boat as quickly as you can. This will avoid getting vomit blown all over yourself and other guests.

The seas are usually calm around here and if not there are plenty of bays where we can rest at anchor. If you are worried then you should definitely take a pill before you get on board – it will save your trip, it won’t hurt you nor make you drowsy.

Yes, yes and yes. Sailing can be suitable for all ages and we have had all ages from babies upwards. A word of caution to mothers: babies will cry if they get tired or overheated in too many covers. Instead, take them for a swim in the sea, they will love it. If they need time out of the sun, we have a comfortable cabin below decks where they can rest. If they can’t settle and their crying is disturbing us and other guests on a shared charter, we will take you back to port or a drop-off point where you can get back to the marina very easily. On a private charter, it doesn’t matter at all as they are your own people. There is no refund for an early finish but we will offer the parents an opportunity to repeat the trip when they have found a babysitter.

The sunset dinner cruise is generally more appealing to adults and we are often asked whether there will be children on the trip. On private tours it’s not an issue at all; on shared charters where other guests are on board we suggest you can bring your children if they know how to behave politely, we will try and pair you with another family bringing children. We offer child-friendly
meals for the sunset cruise.

Yes, we have sun covers we can rig up over the dining table and cockpit.

Every person on the boat, no matter the age counts as a person towards our legal capacity. However, we know that parents want the experience and it is expensive for a large family, so only on shared charters do we offer a limited discount of €50 up to 2 years and a €20 discount from 3 -12 years old only on shared charters. 13 years and older are charged the same as an adult.

Yes sometimes, as a private charter. It’s a beautiful place and for a special occasion trip – it can’t be bettered however you should budget 3.000 € or more for up to 12 guests, 2 meals, an open bar and 12 hours on board. It may sound expensive until you know that we transfer the yacht during the night to Colonia St Jordi for the sail across to Cabrera, that allows an extra 5 hours of fun time.

We change start times according to the season, check our calendar. Private charter start times can be changed if we have no commitments before or after the charter booking. We don’t alter shared charter start times. We calculate our prices based upon the costs we incur; to cover these we aim
to have two charters a day during high season. A late start is possible but if it blocks a second charter that will be reflected in the price quoted.

No. We offer a fun day out for all ages in a family environment. Over-drinking is no fun for others so we will return to port if behaviour becomes unacceptable. We have what we normally carry for the size group, there is no more when it’s finished but we rarely run out. The alcoholic element of the open bar includes beer, wine and cava. Spirits and French Champagne can be provided at extra cost. We don’t accept drunken behaviour or drug-taking on board. In either case, the tour will be ended and the boat will return to port directly with no refund.

Hey, we are not a dating agency but, no promises, we will match you if possible i.e. families with children! But we think you will enjoy the experience of meeting new people, making friends and finding things in common to talk and laugh about. We find the guests who are friendly and outgoing enjoy the experience very much, it’s only a question of looking for the similarities. On one trip we had 3 couples from Germany, all unknown to each other where all the husbands were policemen!

As we are subject to the vagaries of the wind, weather and sea state it’s hard to plan an exact itinerary; have a look at the tour descriptions and our videos and you’ll get an idea of what to expect on one of our tours.

From our berthing place in Marina Cala d’Or where you will be shown to board the boat. Other locations possible by prior arrangement.

We will always try and fulfil your wishes if it’s within practical reach, although it can’t be guaranteed because our tours can be affected by the weather.

We have an online reservation system, please use this link to access our sailing calendar and tour check-out where you can book and pay securely for one of our standard shared or private tours. If you would like a custom quote for non-standard requirements please complete the form and email it to us. We try to respond within 24 hours by email with a quotation. If you prefer we can phone you, please provide contact numbers on your email and request a phone call. You can contact us by phone or WhatsApp message on +34 649 18 95 95, to make a reservation and payment over the phone; but it helps us greatly if you follow up with an email, in case we haven’t understood your contact details correctly.

Please note that a reservation is only confirmed when we have received payment of 50% of the cost if more than 30 days in advance; if less than 30 days then 100% of the amount is required at the time of booking.

Sorry, we do not accept bookings like that. It doesn’t mean we don’t trust you, it’s just that we don’t know you and we have been caught out once or twice in the past. You can pay a deposit of 50% online and the balance by cash on the day of the charter.

Occasionally we run price events and promotions at the start of the season. Sometimes we offer price incentives to book a certain day or a discount to complete a shared charter. Subscribe to our mailing list if you want to hear about these opportunities. Our web booking system is much more sophisticated than previously where we can offer last-minute and low capacity discounts on-line, so check the date online and you may find there is an offer.

A transfer is not included in our offer. Our guests are responsible for getting to/from us at their own cost.

We use a reliable local transport company who can provide mini-buses, coaches and taxis and rental cars. They can collect you from your finca or hotel, anywhere on the island. Let us know at the time of booking so we have time to organise it for you. We will provide you with a quotation and you can pay through us or direct to the driver. If you prefer you can deal directly with the company Roig Bus, here are the contact details.

Yes, because we will be organising and booking other guests on the day you requested to make the minimum number of 6 guests for a shared tour. If you don’t pay a deposit we will never know if you are going to come – it’s a lot of time and work to make a shared charter happen. So please pay first so we can organise a shared group for your day and relax with our shared charter guarantee.

On a private charter, you can by prior arrangement. We will reduce the price of the tour by the net cost of the catering but there will be a small cleaning charge. But why would you want to do that? Our tours are designed to be a complete experience, it won’t be the same with cheese rolls, ham sandwiches and crisps. Save yourself the work and let us take the strain – you’re on holiday!

Have you checked the price of coca-cola recently and compared it to a can of beer?

Usually more than enough but if we do seem to be running out we put extra in the fridge. For a charter of 10 adults, we initially provide 2 bottles of Cava, 9 bottles of wine, 35 cans of beer and a similar amount of soft drinks and water.

Please give us some warning i.e. at time of booking preferably up to the day before, if you want extra drinks (wine and beer) and we’ll get it on board for you at a small extra charge. French champagne, spirits and mixers are at extra cost, let us know what you want in good time and it’ll be here when you arrive.

Our menus cater to the majority of tastes and eating choices. If what we offer is really unacceptable (please don’t say you’re a vegetarian if you eat chicken or fish) we will prepare something suitable for your preferences whether they be religious or ethical. We can provide chicken or fish.

We have snorkels, masks, fins, noodles, V-dive boards, water pistols, stand-up paddleboards and other toys.

Yes, ample space for people to lie down and sunbathe if you are arranged around the boat.

Yes, at least once per trip, usually twice.

Yes, there are two electric pump toilets on board, in case one breaks down. There are rules attached to the use of the toilet (no tampons, no paper and always sit down). Expect the Captain to take his time explaining how they should be used and follow his instructions.

Yes there is a deck shower at the back of the ship, please use it while you are still on the platform.

Sailing boats and fishing rods don’t go together well in inexperienced children’s hands. If you want a full-featured fishing tour we can refer you to a specialist operator.

Yes, if they are fit enough to get around. My grandma came on the boat when she was 96 years old and wasn’t the last of the golden oldies. They usually really enjoy the trip – it’s like an experience they want to tick off the bucket list, so well worth them doing.

12 guests on board and 2 crew for day charter. We don’t offer sleeping on board trips.

We don’t offer that option.

Not anymore.

Yes, if you are booking clients on to the boats through our booking system. Contact us if you want to re-sell our tours.

We don’t have any German speakers on the crew at the moment but check in again as our crew lineup isn’t finalised at the time of writing.

We encourage everyone to take the helm, under the guidance of the skipper. If you come to us with sailing qualifications and prior experience then we can give you greater responsibility. Our staff are qualified and experienced, they are always happy to share their knowledge with you. You are welcome to help in handling the boat, it is up to you to participate as much or as little as you wish.

If there is wind, then we will really sail.

Not at all. You can either sit back and relax and let us look after you, or the crew will show you the ropes.

Absolutely. The boat was classified A1 by Lloyds when launched, meaning no-limits offshore due to her stability rating. We are equipped with life jackets and other statutory life-saving equipment. The boat is examined and certified by the UK’s MCA and the Spanish Licensing Authorities.

Sadly not. We like dogs but for reasons of safety and hygiene, we don’t allow them on board.

We have an iPod dock and CD player on board. Feel free to bring your own MP3 player and favourite music. Although we may just listen to the sound of waves lapping on the boat and the wind blowing in the sails! Your choice.

Yes, we can take wheelchairs on board and secure these on deck or stowed below if they are not needed. The hydraulic platform can be used to allow wheel-on access to the boat and later to lower into the sea for swimming. We take particular care with elderly, disabled or infirm guests, but we ask that they are accompanied by an adult capable and willing to assist them. There is no disabled access to the toilets, they are downstairs.

It depends on the wind and who is steering but we have had her sailing at up to 7.8 knots.

There is an area below the deck where you may store your belongings. Please, keep in mind that we cannot take responsibility for any broken, lost or missing items.

The marina has free parking for cars. Aim for Avenida de Cala Llonga in the marina and you will end up quite near the boat. Park on the bays at the left-hand side of the road, away from the boats.

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