Vita Bel, our trusty vessel, has been sailing the waters of southeast Mallorca since 1995. In 2003, owner Nigel decided it was time to start opening up the deck to fellow sailors, and Vita Bel was founded. We are proud to offer customisable, unique experiences that may be your favourite time in Spain; many of our guests become friends and return year after year.

Nigel, Owner & Skipper

While the company has been a great success, it didn’t seem like the greatest idea back at the start in 2003 — at least not to Nigel’s friends and family. In fact, some said he must be bonkers to give up the stable, dependable business life in London and head to sunny Spain to live out his adventure. At the start, he didn’t know a soul in Mallorca, couldn’t speak a word of Spanish and, though he was a recently qualified commercial Yachtmaster, had never owned a boat.

Vita Bel has come a long way since then! Now, there are five active members of the Vita Bel team and we’ve developed a reputation for excellence that we are very proud of. We consider ourselves more than professional sailors with a service mindset; we create individual experiences that make holiday memories extra special. Sometimes, they are truly once-in-a-lifetime, but we can’t make any promises that you won’t be back for more.

Nigel looks forward to welcoming you aboard with your loved ones, friends, or colleagues!

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